Monitor Protek 649 FM

Monitor Protek 611 FM
Monitor Protek Tipo Corazón
Monitor Buckeye Fire Oscilante
Monitor Protek Portátil/Sobre Camión
Monitor Protek Control Remoto

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Providing portable fire fighting equipment to the local fire departments in Colombia and  Honduras, airplane hangars in Mexico City, Cargo Terminals in Dubai and mining operation in Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador.

Monitores Contra-Incendio

North Texas Fire and Safety Industrial Supply

Specializing in special hazard fire protection engineering, equipment and systems.
Somos una empresa que se dedica a las ventas, los mejores eqiupos y sistemas contra incendio.

​Nozzles and Monitors / Boquillas y Monitores

Boquillas Protek Flujo Regulable 1.5"

Boquillas Protek Flujo Regulable 1"

Boquillas Protek Chorro-Niebla

Boquillas Protek Flujo Constante

Boquillas Potter Roemer de Bronce

Boquillas Policarbonato